Trekkers taking the opportunity to capture some amazing photos |  <i>Stephanie Pirrie</i> Kayaking the waters of Halong Bay Amazon boat trip on school adventure to Peru |  <i>Drew Collins</i> Students on trek in Vietnam |  <i>Nick Hardcastle</i>

World Expeditions Schools

Safe, educational and engaging student trips across all continents

Our school travel division, World Expeditions Schools, specialises in custom made educational travel experiences and active school group expeditions.

It's our philosophy towards safety, community, philanthropy, student self-development and the environment that sets us apart from other school travel providers, as well as the fact that our student travel programs are designed to make it very, very easy for teachers.

Tailor-Made Itineraries: Every school and teacher has different needs, that’s why we’re happy to tailor your trip exactly to your requirements – and budget.

Price & Value Guarantee: Too often we see school group expeditions that are unnecessarily overpriced, which ultimately means some students will miss out on a potentially life changing experience. Find Out More

100+ Destinations: Backed by our 40+ years of operational experience, we can offer more destinations and options than anyone else.

Service Learning Specialists: For over a decade, we’ve helped students to improve the lives of other people or the environment in a meaningful and sustainable way. Learn how easy it is to include it in your next trip.

What's it like on a Service Learning project? Do student's actually enjoy it? This video follows a group of young Australian travellers who lend a hand with a remote village in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

World Expeditions Schools was formerly known as World Expeditions Schools.