Crossing viaducts is one of the many fun things to do on the Otago Rail Trail Cycling on the Nelson Great Taste Cycle Trail

Trail Journeys

Self guided cycling specialists on the Otago Central Rail Trail and Tasman Great Taste Trail in New Zealand.

It all began the same year as the Otago Central Rail Trail officially opened in 2000, when founders Neville Grubb and Ritchie Bailey founded their outdoor shop, taking numerous bike hire requests for the newly built Cycle Trail. 

After purchasing a modest fleet of 20 bikes to cater for the initial interest in the vehicle free, disused rail line from the gold rush days, the company's growth matched the rapidly growing interest in the Otago Central Rail Trail. Soon, more bikes, more buses and more bike trailers were required, as well as a place to house them all, which resulted in the iconic shed on the trail head near Clyde, as well as a base in Middlemarch.

Trail Journeys can arrange as much or as little of your independent Otago Rail Trail experience as you desire. We can offer a free itinerary planning and booking service, we now have over 400 bikes and also provide passenger, luggage, and bike transport. We can also book other transport services, accommodation and off trail side trips, such as curling, river cruises, jet boat rides or wine tours, to name just a few.

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