A group trekkers admiring the view along the Larapinta Trail |  <i>Peter Walton</i>

Australian Walking Holidays

Original Walking and Trekking Adventure Holidays

Australian Walking Holidays is a specialist travel brand with more than 35 years' experience operating a range of iconic walking and trekking small group adventures in Australia. 

Offering more than 25 stand alone itineraries and self guided trips, Australian Walking Holidays is Australia's original operator to offer all 10 of the Great Walks of Australia, which includes our exclusive Larapinta Trek in the Northern Territory home to our award-winning, semi-permanent and eco-friendly campsites. 

Australian Walking Holiday's itineraries offer an unbeatable experience of Australia’s greatest wilderness destinations in the most appropriate style for that environment. Because we are committed to wilderness travel, we offer itineraries that involve alternative means of getting about, including white water rafting, sea kayaking and camel-supported trips..

Australian Walking Holidays |  <i>Scott Kirchner</i>
A trek on the Larapinta Trail is an experience like no other, and can leave an impression on travellers long after they return home. From sweeping views across the sunburnt landscape, to fresh-water gorges that provide the ultimate refreshment, and sunrises that bathe the sky in vibrant hues of pink, orange and deep purple, it is an experience you simply must do!  Highlights include: - Trek the ancient landscape of the West MacDonnell Ranges - Summit Mount Sonder for a spectacular sunrise - Stay in award-winning, exclusive eco-campsites - Visit highlights along the trail including the Ochre Pits, Ormiston Gorge, Standley Chasm and more - Gain an deeper understanding for the ancient Indigenous culture and Traditional Owners of tha land - Relax in the evenings around a campfire as the guides prepare delicious 3 course meals   Visit http://bit.ly/Larpainta for more information.  ------------------------------ Like this? Visit our websites: Trekking and guided tour information http://www.australianwalkingholidays.com.au/ http://www.LarapintaTrailWalks.com.au Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/australianwalkingholidays Find us on Twitter http://twitter.com/auswalking Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/AustralianWalkingHolidays Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/4/+AustralianWalkingHolidaysSydney