Cycling past a vineyard near Bright on the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail in Victoria |  <i>Josie Withers</i> Cycling through the Tasmanian countryside near St Helens |  <i>Andrew Bain</i>

Australian Cycle Tours

Self-Guided and Guided Cycling in Australia

Expanding on our knowledge of the Australian landscapes, and expertise in self guided cycling from our European operations, in 2020 we launched Australian Cycle Tours.

The brand specialises in cycling trips within Australia, the majority of them being quality self guided rides in a selection of the most beautiful regions in Australia. 

The research for the cycling trips was ffortuitously done before the COVID pandemic, providing the WETG with a fresh, new product range for the Australian market in particular.

Being locals, we developed cycling itineraries in the special places of Australia which not only lend themselves to cycle touring, but, which define the quintessential spirit of the landscapes, towns and folk of the region. 

The cycle trips were tailored for those seeking an immersive travel experience with special interests, budgets and time constraints central to our planning. 

Slef guided cycling holidays in Australia